To compliment the highly popular Saturn and Mercury science workstation system, we are extending the choice of units to include the new and exciting under lit integrated service console.

State of the art school science furniture

A low energy LED light is housed in the support drum and illuminates the worktop by taking advantage of the wonderfully translucent qualities of Corian. We are also extending colour choice to facilitate a growing demand for a cutting edge design in educational interiors and to ensure that science is seen by students to be the incredibly diverse and exciting subject that it truly is.

Stimulating and invigorating young minds

With it’s compelling aesthetic it cannot help but stimulate students’ interest and draw them to a subject which for some may have had limited appeal in the past. The mood and atmosphere possibilities of a Saturn Light environment need not be confined to science and can inspire creativity across a range of subjects. The environment created can be also used to great effect for staff recruitment, meetings, presentations and parent evenings.

Providing a flexible teaching & learning environment

Saturn Light is not just the most visually stunning school science furniture design of our time. At it’s core is ensuring that there is generous worktop provision, maximisation of safe circulation space, delivering the full range of necessary services for Biology, Chemistry and Physics, facilitating collaborative group work and enabling the teacher to deliver a whole class address face on to students from any one of a number of equally well suited positions in the room rather than from a single fixed restrictive teaching position.

The manifold qualities of Corian Worktops, services, configuration options of the Saturn and Mercury modules in combination with the Mobiline fume cupboards, perimeter benching, storage options, teaching walls and moveable tables contributes to a highly flexible multi-use teaching and learning space.