Introducing the Modulaire System – a unique over bench storage and service mounting system. It is highly flexible which enables users to rearrange storage units and shelving and also add to as and when required.

State of the art laboratory furniture

S+B is committed to the view that there is no reason why a product high in functionality and durability should not also be high in aesthetic quality. All our products reflect this principle and none more so that the Modulaire System.

Channelled aluminium uprights combine with our Exemplaire C Frame System to provide a highly flexible working and research environment. The Modulaire uprights can be fixed floor to ceiling or mounted on the worktop upwards.

Designed with flexible functionality in mind

Modulaire facilitates the build up of demountable modules which include worktops, service spines, shelving, under and over bench storage cabinetry. Modulaire is a highly flexible system which enables users to rearrange storage units and shelving and also add to as and when required. More than that, the modular nature of the assemblies means that users can completely uplift, re configure and re locate whole suites of lab furniture should applications change and or should there be a need to assign lab space for a different purpose. The lab size can be reduced or increased by relocating to another area and removing some or adding more modules.

Ergonomic excellence

One of principle advantages of the Modulaire System is that it utilises space above the worktop which might otherwise be wasted. This use of the space above worktops enables users to store equipment and reagents locally and facilitates a clean, clear and safer worktop area.

Back to back island and/or peninsular benches facilitates the mounting of service outlets behind and out of the way of the worktop, which can be accessed for connection and disconnection via a gangway which can be created between back to back modules.

Single sided wall bench assemblies are used to furnish lab perimeter walls with worktops, services and storage facilities.

Double side island and peninsular benches consume less space than back to back assemblies and the use of the space above the worktop still provides lab users with very generous service and storage provision.