The Utilaire Range – quality & durability with value combined. Designed to provide our clients with a competitively priced range of bench support systems

S+B is a leading and long established specialist in the design, manufacture and installation of good quality laboratory furniture serving clients in the UK and many overseas markets.

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Functionality and durability

We believe that the functionality and durability of S+B laboratory furniture is second to none. Utilaire is designed and built for longevity and helps create a modern, clean working and learning environment suitable for a wide cross section of research, process and educational disciplines. Utilaire is a range of bench support systems suitable for wide ranging laboratory applications. Each system within the range has been value engineered to provide highly competitive costing without compromising the application for which it is intended.

The S+B Utilaire Range

The Utilaire range incorporates a variety of different leg frame systems to ensure that there is a product which can meet and fully satisfy the very diverse scientific and laboratory applications found in R&D, Education, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Utilities and industry generally.

All Utilaire legs frames are fully welded and are finished in an attractive, chemically resistant, easy to clean powder coating which provides excellent resistance to knocks and wearing.

Cantilever frames can be supplied with push under storage cabinetry and Table frames, C Frames, H frames and T frames can also be supplied with suspended storage cabinetry. The hollow section tube varies in size and gauge depending on load bearing requirements.

All frames incorporate adjustable height feet to counter uneven floor surfaces. Where there is not a requirement to fix to the floor, to a wall or to connect to services, C frames and H frames can also be supplied with lockable castors for ease of movement.

Along with Exemplaire, Utilaire provides our clients with a wide range of alternatives

A range of heights are available to suit all applications, 650mm, 700mm and 750mm being the most widely used for sitting (desk) height worktops with 850, 900 and 950 being the most widely used for standing height worktops.

Legs can be arranged to support perimeter benching of differing lengths and depths and fixed back to back to support island and peninsula benches of differing widths.

The Utilaire Range can be supplied with or without storage cabinetry, which can be added at a later date when applications change or when budget allows.

Push under and suspended storage cabinets include cupboards, drawer packs, sink units, tray units, waste management units, acid and solvent storage/recovery units.